An air diffuser or membrane diffuser is an aeration device typically in the shape of a disc, tube or plate, which is used to transfer air and with that oxygen into the sewage or industrial wastewater. Oxygen is required by microorganisms / bacteria residents in the water to break down the pollutants. Diffusers use either rubber membranes or ceramic elements typically and produce either fine or coarse bubbles.

HUI offers different materials of bubble diffuser, including membrane, silicone, EPDM, PTFE and other specialty polymers.


  • Check valve (optional)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Standard diffuser is available from stock
  • Softener-free membrane made of silicone
  • Active diameters from 184 mm, over 218 mm to 295 mm
  • Precise slits for high oxygen input and low pressure drop
  • Selection of standard and special materials: EPDM, silicone and FKM
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics for highest chemical and thermal resistance
  • Different perforation types according to operating conditions and requirements
  • Wide range of connection options for plastic and steel pipes thanks to extensive range of accessories


  • Aeration of waste water
  • Oxygen input into aeration tanks
  • Oxygen input for sludge stabilisation
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes
  • Pre-treatment of industrial waste water
  • Aeration of constructed wetlands
  • CO2 gassing for neutralization
  • Aeration of drinking water
  • Ozone fumigation of process and waste water
  • Aeration of concentrate and leachate from biogas plants

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