FLAX Multimedia Filter

Flax Multimedia filters deliver superior water quality along with significant operational savings.

The ability to remove particles, odors, color, iron, arsenic, etc provides the clearest, cleanest and safest environment.

HUI filter is available as either a standalone package unit or a modular concrete design. The package units are constructed of either 304 SST or FRP. Internal components for both package and concrete units are built with stainless steel and / or FRP. Filters are available in 40” standard bed or 80” deep-bed design depending on the nature of the application.


  • Compact Footprint
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy Maintenance and Operation

Our filter installation can be designed for any size area allowing the technology to adapt to any size water or wastewater treatment plant.

FLAX Multimedia Filter Option

Sand Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Iron Removal Filter

Demineralization Filter